Atlanta Public School's vision is to raise student achievement by focusing on teacher effectiveness by creating a system of support within the Atlanta Public Schools that:

  • Recognizes that teachers are the single most important factor in closing the student achievement gap;
  • Evaluates all teachers fairly and consistently;
  • Gives all teachers the support they need to improve; and
  • Hires, retains, and rewards the most effective teachers.

Propelled by a growing national interest in educator effectiveness, and most recently, by Race to the Top funding, many states have passed legislation mandating that student growth measures be incorporated into educator evaluation systems. While the metric is not perfect or a magic bullet, student growth measures provide crucial information that districts have never had before.

In order to provide the most reliable information for schools to make instructional decisions, districts must accurately capture all of the variables that describe the relationships among teachers and students within schools, and essentially, “link” teaching instruction to students. APS teachers and principals conducted a 16-school pilot, and it is the results and lessons learned from that pilot that informed a district-wide roll-out of APS student growth measures in the fall of 2012. This year, APS will receive school-level reports during the fall of 2013. Access reports.