2009-2010 ASPIRE Award Program Highlights

On January 26, 2011, HISD distributed $42.4 million in ASPIRE awards across 16,544 campus-based staff members whose work led to increased student academic achievement and progress levels during the 2009–2010 school year.

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Following are some highlights of the award program:
Distributed the following ASPIRE Award payouts: for 2009–2010 school-year data*

Core Foundation Teachers (9,718 considered, 9,178 eligible)
  • 9,083 paid (93% of considered, 99% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $100 to $11,330
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $3,615
  • Median: $3,200

Non-Core Foundation Teachers (2,472 considered, 2,221 eligible)
  • 2,191 paid (89% of considered, 98% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $100 to $3,410
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $1,594
  • Median: $1,600

Instructional Support Staff (1,839 considered, 1,678 eligible)
  • 1,572 paid (85% of considered, 94% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $44 to $1,870
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $813
  • Median: $751


Teaching Assistants (1,630 considered, 1,380 eligible)
  • 1,235 paid (76% of considered, 89% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $25 to $1,155
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $544
  • Median: $550

Operational Support Staff (3,370 considered, 2,889 eligible)
  • 1,829 paid (54% of considered, 63% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $150 to $750
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $564
  • Median: $563 

Principals (275 considered, 268 eligible)
  • 266 paid (97% of considered, 99% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $200 to $15,530
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $6,301
  • Median: $5,563

Assistant Principals and Deans of Instruction (389 considered, 374 eligible)
  • 368 paid (95% of considered, 98% of eligible)
  • Range of pay: $100 to $7,765
  • Average payment:
  • Mean: $4,036
  • Median: $4,156

Uncategorized Staff (1,883 considered, 0 eligible)

Total Payout: $42,467,370.01 disbursed among 92 percent of eligible employees
*Final Award File 2009-2010

Fostered collaboration to improve the ASPIRE Award Program:

  • The ASPIRE Award Program Advisory Committee made up of educators and school administrators reviewed and provided feedback on the ASPIRE Award Program.
  • The ASPIRE Executive Committee monitored the success of ASPIRE implementation and ensured alignment toward the district’s vision and goals.
  • Dr. William Sanders (national value-added expert and creator of the EVAAS® methodology) analyzed data and generated value-added reports.
  • Battelle for Kids provided strategic counsel, communications, and technology solutions.

Implemented a comprehensive communication strategy:
  • Continually updated the ASPIRE portal to inform all HISD stakeholders about ASPIRE, 2010 value-added reports, and the ASPIRE Award Program.
  • Provided information about the program to HISD staff through training opportunities, and district-wide communications.
  • Engaged parents/community through ASPIRE community forums and informed them about the role that they play in preparing students to be college- and career-ready.
  • Distributed six editions of ASPIRE e-News, a bi-monthly newsletter emailed to all HISD employees.
  • Provided all campus-based employees and principals three reminder notices prior to and during the award inquiry period, utilizing both direct e-mails and telephone Connect-Ed messaging for each reminder.
  • Conducted an online survey and received responses from 7,284 campus-based HISD employees (out of 19,312) to gauge and improve upon the effectiveness of communications and obtain feedback related to ASPIRE and the 2008–2009 ASPIRE Award Program.

Enhanced professional development, technology systems, and support structures to ensure the most-accurate award-calculation process:
  • Conducted training for principals to help them guide staff in completing the ASPIRE verification and linkage process to ensure that the most-accurate data was used to determine the awards.
  • Held training sessions for principals and School Improvement Officers to inform them about changes to this year’s award program and guidance during a principal review (re-confirmation) period.
  • Provided all employees access to an online course, FAQ documents and other resources explaining the value-added analysis, value-added reports, the award model, award categories, and eligibility requirements through the ASPIRE portal.
  • Implemented a support system to answer questions through the ASPIRE Award e-mail address.
  • Set up a month-long ASPIRE Award inquiry period for staff to review their award estimates and submit formal inquiries if they still had questions about their award estimates.

As a result of these efforts, the number of formal inquiries decreased to 455 in 2009–2010 from 621 for the 2008–2009 ASPIRE Awards. Of the inquiries received and not withdrawn, 70 percent were resolved with no changes. The 136 inquiries resolved with changes in 2009–2010 were approximately equal to the 167 in 2008–2009.

Secured funding and support for the ASPIRE Award Program from:
  • U.S. Department of Education Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Grant
  • U.S Department of Education Teacher Incentive Fund 2010 (TIF3) Grant
  • Texas District Awards for Teacher Excellence (DATE) Grant
  • Local General Funds
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