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2006-2007 ASPIRE Award Program Highlights

Through the 2007 ASPIRE Award Program, HISD distributed $24,653,724.71 in ASPIRE Awards to staff members across the district. Of those receiving bonuses, nearly 11,000 teachers received awards of varying amounts based on their students’ academic progress. Following is an overview of additional accomplishments and activities.

Integrated a new performance-pay program into the ASPIRE educational-improvement model.

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Fostered collaboration:

  • ASPIRE Award Advisory Committee: to review and provide feedback on the ASPIRE Award Program
  • ASPIRE Executive Committee: to monitor success of ASPIRE implementation and ensure alignment toward district vision and goals
  • Dr. William Sanders (creator of the EVAAS® methodology): to develop value-added reports
  • Battelle for Kids: to provide professional development, communications, and technology solutions


Initiated an aggressive communication strategy:

  • Parent/community communications (e-mails, letters, articles, and brochures): to share updates around ASPIRE, value-added, and the ASPIRE Award Program, and explain the role that parents and families play
  • ASPIRE portal: to serve as an information source for internal and external audiences about ASPIRE, value-added, and the ASPIRE Award Program, and provide public access to value-added reports


Launched a professional-development program and support structure through the ASPIRE Core and Campus Teams around:

  • ASPIRE educational-improvement model
  • Access to and use of value-added data to inform teaching and learning
  • ASPIRE Award Program
  • Value-Added Learning Network (now available through ASPIRE•Learn)


Distributed the following ASPIRE Award payouts:
January 2008 for 2007 data

Instructional Staff:

  • 12,499 eligible
  • 10,756 paid (86 percent)
  • Range of pay: $41.25 to $7,865
  • Average payment: $2,110

Non-Instructional Staff:

  • 4,193 eligible
  • 2,159 paid (51 percent)
  • Range of pay: $62.50 to $500
  • Average payment: $370


  • 259 eligible
  • 242 paid (93 percent)
  • Range of pay: $80 to $11,760
  • Average payment: $4,812

Total Payout to Date: $24,653,724.71

Secured funding and support for ASPIRE and the ASPIRE Award Program rollout from:

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Support teachers in the classroom by providing best practices and strategies for learning, implementing opportunities for collaboration through content PLCs, and regularly communicating curriculum updates.

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Assure that payments are made to vendors so we can get product into the district for HISD Personnel and HISD students to be able to perform on a daily basis.


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